Thursday, October 1, 2015

Turning 29.

At 29, I am in the midst of transitioning into a "different world".
Although I did see it coming but yet, I still could never ever prepare myself entirely.

29 is my last year that I am in my 20s which is a pretty big deal to me.

If there is one word to describe life in my 20s - I would say that it was pretty 'steady' with no major surprises along the way, apart from my biggest blessing this year.

At this point in time, I can just IMAGINE how life would be like for me next year.
Life changing indeed.

If there's one thing that I would have done more while I was in my 20s, it would be to travel more. I've been complaining to Mike on how I won't get to travel as much now in future and he keeps telling me that we can travel with the baby.......

......... LIFE changing INDEED.

And oh, whenever I claim that "I didn't travel enough" - he will always point back to our London/France/Barcelona trip last year and also our earlier trips this year (which I claim is not counted). LOL.

It is still NOT ENOUGH. It's never enough actually. 
I'm already thinking of a Melbourne 2016 trip.  TEE hee.

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Birthday lunch with the family - Rakuzen

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