Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stoked, Damansara Heights

September is the most sinful month - in terms of self indulgence with all the birthday meals and also, wedding dinners because it's the wedding season!

I have gained so much weight, so rapidly that right now, I am trying to cut down on my carbs intake. I am also trying to stop baking less now because I can't stop eating the cakes that I bake as well -_-"

But I am thankful that my appetite is totally normal now and that I know and can enjoy a good meal. Having an appetite is a huge blessing often taken for granted (those who suffered from morning sickness would be able to relate).

Mike asked me where did I want to go for my birthday dinner with his parents. 

I felt like eating steak and I've heard good reviews on this place so we decided to head to Stoked.

Complimentary amuse bouche

The roast pork is so good - it has this smoky taste to it.

Nice scallops but the fatter the better :P

Fresh oysters but size wise, it could do better too. Hehe. And oh, I only ate the cooked oysters just FYI ;)

Sides to go with our mains - leek and almonds

I ordered this, of course. I'm a lover of potatoes.

Just some veggies.

Wouldn't recommend the fish. Tasted bland. Has to be eaten with salt but even so, there's something still missing. Maybe, I'm just too used to eating flavourful fried fish or steamed fish.

My juicy steak - when eaten with the salt provided, mmMM was good!

Cooked just right :)

The winner of the night - sticky date pudding !!!! I would go back just to eat dessert :D

Somehow, Mike always has to order some fancy thing on the menu without knowing what he's in for. He didn't like his order. LOL.

Some banana fritters dessert. Didn't quite like the pastry skin - felt that it was a little too salty.

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