Monday, October 26, 2015

Pregnancy Brain

The pregnancy brain is REAL my friends and it scares me.
It has been making me paranoid as well.

I first noticed it whenever I would use the toilet.
I would come out of the toilet and go to bed, only to realise that I left the toilet door ajar.
And I'd have to get up from bed to close the door again.

One day before my Perth trip, I was pretty sure that I packed EVERYTHING
and I was already half asleep in bed while sending a lightning prayer
for a SMOOTH and SAFE trip just before I dozed off . . . .

I thank God for that prayer because despite me being very sleepy
and very certain that I have everything prepared for the trip,
I actually did forget something VERY important -
which was the doctor's letter that I was fit to travel.

Like a flash, it just came to my mind after I prayed.

My heart was beating so fast after that, feeling worried that I might be missing anything else because I was confident that I had everything packed. Le sigh.

And today, our dinner venue was changed because the restaurant that we initially wanted to go to was closed.

P* : Have you been to Naughty Nuri's? Let's go there instead.
Vic : Oh yeah I've been there. See you there!!!!

I sat and waited in the restaurant and texted my friend that I was there.
She called me and said that she couldn't find me.

Later I realised that I went to Naughty Babe Dirty Duck sitting there all alone for a table of three. SUPER FAIL.

And I haven't been to Naughty Nuri's in KL before -_-"
My brain just couldn't register!

On the way home, somebody (a not bad looking guy actually) honked me at the traffic light while it was red.  I looked at him and he signalled to me that my car lights weren't on.What a good samaritan.

Usually, I'm pretty automated when driving - like the lights would be the second thing I'd turn on while driving at night so I got a shock when I found out that my lights weren't on when I was driving for at least 5 minutes before that.

The pregnancy brain is scary.

When I got home, I started thinking of all kinds of things :-

Did I turn off the oven after baking?
Did I do this? Did I do that?!


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