Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lunch @ Cantaloupe

Initially, Mike did not want to reveal where he wanted to bring me for lunch on my birthday
but somehow and (as usual), I managed to guess the place.

A female's intuition - don't mess. LOL.

He told me that he was reading my blog to make sure that I have not dined there before and his first choice was to bring me to Fuego, but because of the haze he decided on Cantaloupe instead.

AHEM. If he did his research properly, he would have known that I've been to Fuego before -_-"

Anyhow, Cantaloupe was a good choice. It exceeded expectations because I've heard average reviews on this place and how pricey it is. However, we went for Sunday lunch and price wise, it was reasonable.

One of my favourites  :)

The roast lamb is very tasty. Tasted way better than the roast beef.

Lunch was extremely satisfying and it was worth every cent !
Psssst - everything is refillable :)

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