Friday, October 9, 2015


My favourite hashtag on Instagram - #homecooked HEHE :)

I enjoy looking at pictures of home cooked food posted by others for some cooking inspiration.

Cooking while I still have the luxury of time before I get busy, busy, busy
and before the third trimester fatigue kicks in (as what most people experience).

Carbonara with bacon and mushrooms

Simple bowl of mee hoon soup

Mee hoon soup with lots of veggies

Fish and chips

Curry katsu

Kampung fried rice

Kerabu mee hoon

Oven baked chicken and potato salad

Wan tan mee

Simple dish of baked beans, omelette and potato carrot chicken soup (ABC Soup)

Salmon pasta

Pork ribs noodle soup

Savoury pancakes

Ginger wine chicken

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