Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fish and Chips

A friend suggested for me to try out the fish and chips at Cicerello's at Fremantle.

When I told Ivan (our 'tour guide') that I wanted to go there, he mentioned that it's so oily la (what a health freak pffftt) and Fremantle is popular for beer and mussels at Little Creatures . . . but DIE DIE I wanted to eat fish and chips (because I'm a fan!) so I slotted fish and chips for breakfast and Little Creatures for lunch.

To make sure that we would still have plenty of room for lunch, I ordered one beer battered fish and chips meal to be shared between 4 people. SOBS. I personally enjoyed the fish and chips - it was yummy. 

Food rationing :~(

Totally not my style.

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