Thursday, October 8, 2015

Age gap.

I will be writing something a little different other than food or myself or my life today.

Today, I will be writing about a certain someone whom many people have approached me and made comments about her and her boyfriend.

Let's call her A. And her boyfriend, B.
So A is nearing 40 years old whilst her boyfriend, B is easily in his mid 60s.

Alot of people have been making passing remarks along the lines of . . .

"He looks SO OLD."
"I'm sure she can do better."
"Why does she want him?"

First and foremost, we do not know the details of their relationship and what mutual attraction or affection they share for each other, because it's none of our business but, I know I know, there's nothing exciting happening these days so this topic is a seemingly juicy one.

Secondly, just because A is seemingly "not too bad" looking, for her to date someone that can pass off  as her dad just points back to how shallow society typically is.

B could be a sincerely nice genuine person who truly loves her, despite his old appearance.
And, what makes one think that A, is so great herself just because she's "not bad looking".

She could have a horrible personality hence for her to be "able to do better" may not be applicable because what IF, nobody could stand her, except for B. Also, we would never know the basis of one's relationship.


It COULD be due to companionship needs. Or sometimes, monetary - sugar mummy/daddy perhaps? Or just the comfort of being with that person. One can only speculate.

And of course, apart from those comments as listed earlier, the second most common question asked about them is - why aren't they married?

Another sensitive question. There are also tons of speculations going on about this. What if they don't believe in marriage? Or perhaps there are reasons, not known to others on why they can't get married (ahem)? We will never truly know.

Basically, the gist of this whole thing is that, we do not know what is going on in the life of others hence some comments are just unnecessary *yawn*

The older I get, the less bothered I am on all of these, especially when the person isn't someone whom I know personally or am close to.

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