Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Walking around Freo

Fremantle Market

I was really disappointed with the market because I had the wrong expectations - I kept imagining the market to be as big as Victoria Market but the market here is really small.

A couple of stalls here and there but nothing for me to be really excited about. The only thing I bought here was a jar of honey and a doughnut.

The dark chocolate filled doughnut was really good though. But that's about the only exciting thing for me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Little Creatures, Fremantle

Mike said that the brews here were good.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste it.

Hot chocolate for the pregnant one.

Wouldn't order the pizza the next time. Very mediocre.

Sticky lamb ribs. Pretty good.

Mussels! We ordered the two types available to try - the tomato chilli and garlic mussels. Preferred the garlic mussels.

Saw so many tables ordering this and Ivan said that the chips here are "nice" and "different"so I decided to order it.

Chips were nice but they took up space in my dessert tummy. Wanted to order the sticky date pudding but was too full of chips! -_-"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pregnancy Brain

The pregnancy brain is REAL my friends and it scares me.
It has been making me paranoid as well.

I first noticed it whenever I would use the toilet.
I would come out of the toilet and go to bed, only to realise that I left the toilet door ajar.
And I'd have to get up from bed to close the door again.

One day before my Perth trip, I was pretty sure that I packed EVERYTHING
and I was already half asleep in bed while sending a lightning prayer
for a SMOOTH and SAFE trip just before I dozed off . . . .

I thank God for that prayer because despite me being very sleepy
and very certain that I have everything prepared for the trip,
I actually did forget something VERY important -
which was the doctor's letter that I was fit to travel.

Like a flash, it just came to my mind after I prayed.

My heart was beating so fast after that, feeling worried that I might be missing anything else because I was confident that I had everything packed. Le sigh.

And today, our dinner venue was changed because the restaurant that we initially wanted to go to was closed.

P* : Have you been to Naughty Nuri's? Let's go there instead.
Vic : Oh yeah I've been there. See you there!!!!

I sat and waited in the restaurant and texted my friend that I was there.
She called me and said that she couldn't find me.

Later I realised that I went to Naughty Babe Dirty Duck sitting there all alone for a table of three. SUPER FAIL.

And I haven't been to Naughty Nuri's in KL before -_-"
My brain just couldn't register!

On the way home, somebody (a not bad looking guy actually) honked me at the traffic light while it was red.  I looked at him and he signalled to me that my car lights weren't on.What a good samaritan.

Usually, I'm pretty automated when driving - like the lights would be the second thing I'd turn on while driving at night so I got a shock when I found out that my lights weren't on when I was driving for at least 5 minutes before that.

The pregnancy brain is scary.

When I got home, I started thinking of all kinds of things :-

Did I turn off the oven after baking?
Did I do this? Did I do that?!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fish and Chips

A friend suggested for me to try out the fish and chips at Cicerello's at Fremantle.

When I told Ivan (our 'tour guide') that I wanted to go there, he mentioned that it's so oily la (what a health freak pffftt) and Fremantle is popular for beer and mussels at Little Creatures . . . but DIE DIE I wanted to eat fish and chips (because I'm a fan!) so I slotted fish and chips for breakfast and Little Creatures for lunch.

To make sure that we would still have plenty of room for lunch, I ordered one beer battered fish and chips meal to be shared between 4 people. SOBS. I personally enjoyed the fish and chips - it was yummy. 

Food rationing :~(

Totally not my style.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ciao Italia, South Perth

Ivan recommended this restaurant to us but later, I found out that he has not dined there before -_-"

We waited for 45 minutes for a table but it was worth the wait.

Smoked salmon pizza - I ordered this because I saw that the topping has avocado :)

Vongole spag - super tasty

For dessert lovers - the tiramisu is a must!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I still can remember how Alicia told me earlier this year that she was thinking of having her ROM this year and whether I would be able to make it.

I was thinking that she would be having it in PJ/KL so when she told me that it would be in Perth, I was like whatttttt?! I remember that I had just discovered that I was expecting and I could not entirely commit that I could go because it would be dependant on so many factors (health, condition, etc).

Glad that things turned out well in the end. I booked my tickets to Perth just about 2 months before the wedding. I was pretty enthusiastic about this trip as travelling plans always gives me something to look forward to.

I was meticulously planning this trip to try and stuff in as many things to do based on suggestions from friends on what is there to do in Perth and also from reading blogs.

Because of my excitement, I was totally letdown in Perth because I had somewhat developed high expectations of Perth because there are friends who told me that they LOVE Perth zzzz.

Perth truly lives up to its reputation amongst most Malaysians - there's nothing to do!

Ivan would however beg to differ. I can already hear him say, "There's LOTS to do in Perth. It depends on what you are interested in."

And I can't help but draw comparisons between Melbourne and Perth the whole time but Melbourne wins hands down in almost every aspect - from food to malls to vineyards. And Mike would then tell me, "Of course lah, it's like comparing KL and Ipoh."

With that being said, it was a good experience to know what Perth really has to offer :)

The trip was very, very relaxing and I didn't want to come back because we stayed at very cosy B&Bs   and felt at home, despite not having nothing much to do. Haha.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

On our first day in Perth, we arrived in the noon and by the time we got out from the airport, it was already 3 p.m. and there wasn't much for us to do as most of the shops were closing and cafes/restaurants were already closed at 4 p.m. -_-"

We just went walking around the city on our first day there.

At least Koko Black was open.

My first Air B&B experience - we loved the apartment - the view and location (East Perth) is superb.
It's like a 5-minute drive to the city.

Hotel rates kept going up thanks to the weakening Ringgit so thank goodness for Air B&B - there are so many affordable options to choose from!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October is coming to an end.

This week, I am officially in the third trimester - the final leg to go.
I still have so many things to do and buy but I have been feeling extremely lazy.

I know that I could finish shopping for the remaining essential items in a day or two but I am not in the mood as my body is not cooperating with me.

Since I came back from Perth and also, during my trip, I had severe pains, even more painful that what I have experienced during the second trimester.

Tearing sensastions (down there) everytime I move around in bed
so I will have to sleep really still.

Getting out of bed to head to the toilet suddenly becomes a real challenge.
Walking down the stairs could give me unexpected jolts of pain too.

Upon coming home form Perth, the very next day, the aches and pains just got worse.

This is however, expected of course as I felt the same way after coming back from Bali and Bangkok.

I woke up with a full bladder in bed and needed to rush to the toilet.
The moment I moved my legs to get myself out of bed, I screamed in pain.
Every small movement would send a sharp ripping sensation.
I told Mike that if I did not have a "big bladder", I would have peed in bed.

The pain takes a long time to go away so I have no choice but to succumb to it.
I would be walking with limps or dragging my feet to the toilet.
My lower back is also starting to hurt.

I have been advised to do lots of walking, as this would help with the backaches?
However, I personally do not feel that this is the case.

x x  x  x x  x  x  x x  x

Anyway, this reminds me of some advice given to me that I'd like to share.

So there was a colleague who had difficulty in conceiving for almost 10 years (if I'm not mistaken) due to an underlying medical condition, went through several rounds of IVF but failed, but in the end, managed to conceive naturally later in her late 30s.

Because of her tribulations and heartbreaking experiences, she would of course have a different perspective on family planning. She kept telling me to just enjoy every moment, travel and at the same time, just try to have kids, naturally. You can travel while you are pregnant. Don't hold it back as she once thought that she herself could delay childbearing later because she had 'plenty of time' only to experience difficulty.

Initially, like most of us who would think that we are still young and have time to have kids later, I had lots of travelling plans in mind.

Couples who have had kids early would say that the wish that they would have travelled more before getting kids. Clearly, there are two very different schools of thoughts depending on what one has been through.

Anyhow, the fear of not being able to conceive did cross my mind. I did not want to take it for granted so I decided to let nature take its course. If it happens, it happens. The "come what may" mentality.

However, one thing that I'd like to clarify is that, sometimes, travelling while pregnant isn't as easy as it sounds. Some people make it look effortless but when you are plagued with sickness during the first trimester, travelling is out of the question for the first 3 months.

The best window for travelling is during the second trimester. During the third trimester, with the body aches, you'd be experiencing discomfort on and off throughout the trip so it may not be as enjoyable as anticipated.

But I suppose that at the end of the day, who is to say that after marriage, you won't be able to travel alone as a couple? There will still be opportunities, just that more planning would be required.

I remember this quote at heart - "Failure to plan is planning to fail". But yesterday, after having a talk with Mike of life and death and the fragility of life (he was sharing stories of friends of workmates in their 40s passing away), sometimes, plan as you may, things may not go your way.

At the end of the day, everything is in His time, not ours.

Friday, October 9, 2015


My favourite hashtag on Instagram - #homecooked HEHE :)

I enjoy looking at pictures of home cooked food posted by others for some cooking inspiration.

Cooking while I still have the luxury of time before I get busy, busy, busy
and before the third trimester fatigue kicks in (as what most people experience).

Carbonara with bacon and mushrooms

Simple bowl of mee hoon soup

Mee hoon soup with lots of veggies

Fish and chips

Curry katsu

Kampung fried rice

Kerabu mee hoon

Oven baked chicken and potato salad

Wan tan mee

Simple dish of baked beans, omelette and potato carrot chicken soup (ABC Soup)

Salmon pasta

Pork ribs noodle soup

Savoury pancakes

Ginger wine chicken