Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where's my luggage?

I had my very first horrible encounter of 'lost/delayed luggage' while travelling to Bangkok.

I was waiting at the conveyor belt for the longest time
and I kept thinking that perhaps, not all the luggage bags have been fully loaded yet
so I waited and waited.

My sister &  mum managed to retrieve theirs and we checked in the luggage at the same time
so how is it that one bag went missing?

An airport staff approached me and told me that there was no more incoming luggage
so I had to go to the counter to lodge a report for my lost luggage.

"What if somebody took the luggage bag? Is there a CCTV around here?", I asked.

The staff confidently replied that it is highly unlikely that the bag is stolen
and that this happens pretty often as well - the bag got lost in transit in KL.

I asked them about claims and was informed that if the bag is missing, they will compensate USD20 per kg. However, if it is delayed luggage, no compensation will be given unless the bag is returned more than 24 hours later.

However, the more I probed, they did not seem to be willing to commit to any certainty of claims for delayed luggage.

I went to the Air Asia website and it said that if no insurance was purchased, I am unable to make any claims for delayed luggage. Anyhow, I dropped them an email and am waiting for a response.

USD20 per kg. I was estimating the cost of the lost luggage in my head and I was so thankful that I didn't pack any expensive shoes or bags to Bangkok but I was pretty sad about my new bottle of foundation and my Marc Jacobs top.

At the end of the day, the compensation for lost luggage is usually just barely enough to cover the cost of a luggage bag itself so forget about covering the cost of the contents.

Lesson learned - any expensive items should always be hand carried to avoid heartache -_-"

We were told to contact their number once we reached the hotel so that they could contact the hotel when the luggage is traced. They needed 3 hours to figure out what happened to the luggage bag.

The whole day I was so occupied thinking about my luggage and I was pretty miserable. My contact lenses were also inside the luggage bag and I was wearing spectacles the whole day. Not that it's a real big deal but I don't feel comfortable in specs! It makes me feel aunty. LOL.

Anyhow, later in the evening, I asked the hotel to help me to follow up with Air Asia and I was informed that the luggage went to Brunei. GEEZ. And the luggage bag would only arrive at midnight as the bag would be sent on the 9 something p.m. flight from KL to BKK.

I was pretty relieved because at least I had clothes to wear the next day but it was all a LIE. The next morning, I called the reception to ask whether my luggage has arrived and was informed that it would only arrive by 12 p.m. Had I known that the luggage would only arrived by then, I would have shopped the night before !!!

This is how optimism kills.

I was pretty darn mad because they did not honour to their commitment that the luggage would arrive at the hotel at midnight.

Lucky thing my mother had extra clothes that I could fit into so that I could go out in clean clothes if not . . . .

Anyhow, I shall be waiting for Air Asia's reply on this issue. Pffft.

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