Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sugar high in Bangkok

If I lived in Bangkok, I think that I'd be obese.

There are so many nice cafes and restaurants and the variety of desserts there are amazing and most of them tastes good!

Thai Milk Tea Crepe @ Audrey Cafe & Bistro

I know that the sauce looks overwhelming and sickeningly sweet but it really isn't as sweet as it looks.

Ordered some Passionfruit ice blended drink that was extremely generous in portion.

Love love love frozen yoghurt in general. Buddhi Belly's is pretty good - I think that it's also due to the fruit topping selections that they have as well.

Shibuya toast @ After You. I would say that it's worth the wait.

The Horlicks Frapp was super yummy! Maybe I should try to make it at home.

Another Thai Milk Tea dessert - this was at Let Them Eat Cake.

My sis wanted to try this out - Kyo En Roll. Wasn't too bad but nothing exceptionally great.

Thai Milk Tea Pudding - overrated. This was at some Thai Restaurant in Centralworld. Forgot the name.

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