Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Throughout my pregnancy, I have been responding to the same comments from almost everyone that meets up with me.

Not that I am complaining about it because these are common pregnancy questions and comments (even, I would ask most of the same questions actually) lol.... but I have been repeating myself so many times that my answers have somewhat become a template.

I have decided to list down the common questions and statements made (and some not-so-nice comments too) . . . .

1. Do you have a gender preference?

Standard reply : "No. As long as the baby is healthy."
Honest reply : "Actually, I want a girl but I know that I should not be putting preferences on gender because this is the first child and all that really matters is the baby's health."

2. How many kids do you want?

Standard reply : Maybe, 2?
Honest reply : At least 2, but it depends on financial circumstances.

3. How have your check ups been ? Is everything normal? Is the baby healthy?

......Is everything normal?! WHOAH. This is a pantang question, in my opinion.  

Or maybe, it's just that the question so detailed and direct that it seems to be lacking of tact. There are questions that people shouldn't be asking, as much as they are asking out of concern because not everybody would like to share every small and personal detail of their life.  

Maybe, I'm just pregnant and sensitive.

4.  Do you have any cravings?

Not really. No, actually. The food that I want to eat are foods that I normally enjoy eating even before my pregnancy, like Nandos...but it's not like I MUST have it when I feel like eating it.

5. Your parents/in laws must be very excited since this is the first grandchild.

My parents/in laws are not the kind who have been harping on having grandchildren. #nopressure :)
They could be excited, but I don't know because they don't seem to show it. In fact, my aunt seems more excited than my parents.

6. YOU must be excited.

Well, I can't say that I'm not excited right? LOL. But yes, I suppose I am. Can't wait to meet the baby!

7. Were you trying or was this accidental?

Neither :)

8. Does Mike have any pregnancy symptoms?

I wish he had but he has NONE, unfortunately. Sometimes, he even forgets that I am pregnant #truestory

Actually, I can think of at least 5 more questions commonly asked questions but I just became lazy to list it down. Hehe.

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