Thursday, September 3, 2015

Long Weekend Yay!

The hype of long weekends for me still does exist even though I am not working because
weekends are the only time when Mike has time for me. AHEM.

I was really looking forward to my Bali trip but at the same time,
I had to try to not get overly excited just in case of unforeseen travelling circumstances.

My Japan trip that was scheduled in June was cancelled because of my morning sickness.

It was the first time I burnt my flight tickets - first time ever! :*(

Thinking about it, I should have topped up the money and rescheduled the flight then.
However, at that point in time, I was so feeling depressed and miserable
I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The sickness seemed like it was there to stay and
I could not bear a Round 2 of disappointment if I could not make it
to Japan for the second time so I decided to forgo the tickets.

When I was looking forward to my Bali trip, there was the volcanic ash incident
causing flights to be cancelled and I was worried that it may happen again.

Thank goodness that everything was smooth during our travelling dates.

Choosing a villa to stay while in Bali is always a tough decision to make because there are just SO many nice villas at affordable prices.

We decided on Villa Samkhya because of the general good reviews.

This time around, I decided on staying in Ubud because we did not revisit Ubud while we were on our honeymoon last year.

If there's one thing I love about Bali, it has to be their hospitality and service levels.
Prompt assistance is always given 24/7.

The bathroom is an outdoor bathroom.

I didn't feel so comfortable with the toilet being outside though because at night, there are insects flying around.

However, the hotel staff will light up a mosquito coil in the evening to deter insects so it helps.

Welcome drinks

I was starving when we arrived in Bali because we didn't order any food on the plane
and apart from the 3-hour flight, the journey to the villa took us about 2 hours.

A hungry Vic is an angry Vic.

I really wanted to eat outside the villa but I needed food ASAP so the moment we reached the villa,
we ordered food to be delivered to our room.

Babi Guling was mine.

Bebek was Mike's but since Mike isn't a clean eater, there was so much leftover meat stuck to the bones. The hungry me polished it clean. LOLOL.

This trip was a really relaxing trip
and also a very nostalgic one for me.

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