Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aches and pains.

When I went to Bali, that day itself,
I had a very bad lower back pain.
Took me a day to recuperate.

Likewise, when I went to Bangkok,
the body pains and aches also persisted throughout the trip.

The cause of the pain has probably got to do with the flight seats.

Come to think of it, half the time at home,
I'm usually lying down on the bed or couch
so I rarely get backaches.

However, recently, I've been getting pains DOWN THERE.

It feels like a very bad period pain -
like a pulling pressure
which starts off as a sharp pain
that occurs whenever I get up from the chair/bed.

Also, my inner thighs feel trained . . .
there's this pull whenever I get up from a stationary position. Urgh.

It will take minutes before the pain subsides
and in the interim,
I'd be waddling like a penguin
because it hurts to walk normally.

I feel obese.

And to think that I'm only in the second trimester.
Oh third trimester, please be KIND! T_T

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