Friday, August 14, 2015

Ribs at the Burgeon

If it weren't for my sister, I'd be a 'katak di bawah temperung'.
I wouldn't know what the world has to offer. LOL.

I'd be eating siew yuk kai fan everyday.

She brought us to try out Ribs at the Burgeon for dinner one fine day.

It was already pretty late when we arrived - at 8 p.m.
and the place was packed. 
It was also a weekday.

Waited for about 20 minutes for a table.

We were told that there was no mashed potatoes that night
because the kitchen had burnt it!

It was A SAD DAY.
Was looking forward to the mash.

I loveeee mash.

The black pepper ribs were also sold out so we ordered, the sweet & spicy ribs. Only 2 options available.

The meat was falling off the bone.
Texture and taste wise - it was good.

BUT there was just too much meat - even though there were 4 of us sharing this.
Felt abit jelak.

HAIH. First world problems they say - Too little meat - complain. Too much - complain.
But better more than less though :)

Salad - which I barely touched.

During the first trimester, I developed a disdain for salads.
It was hard enough to motivate myself to eat
and salads - was an immediate 'appetite' killer.

Any salad suggestions for meals would immediately be dismissed by me.

Sausages and chips. Didn't fancy the sausages - it had this really herby and "innardy"taste.

Loved the fries though.

Potatoes are my best friends - through thick and thin and through morning sickness and in health.

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