Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Being a 'Stay at Home Wife'.

I have been pondering a fair bit about my current life
wondering what exactly would I be doing now
if I weren't pregnant.

I asked Mike and he said,
"I'm sure you'd be doing the same thing that you're doing now."

NO faith in me. Tsk tsk.

Given that I am now a 'Stay At Home Wife' ("SAHW"),
I have a new perspective on what it really means to be a SAHW.
Contrary to popular belief of associating the role of a SAHW as a "tai tai",
I personally feel that there has been a lot of misconceptions
of my newfound "role".

First things first, I am not living a "tai tai" life of endless luxury.
My life is comfortable without a doubt
but it is not to the extent that I do not have to work for life
or that I have unlimited funds to last me a lifetime.

SAHW = Major lifestyle change.

When the baby comes,
naturally, household expenses will increase
and depending on what life I choose to have and choose to give my child,
that will probably be the main catalyst for me
to go back into the workforce in future.

But for now, I am just taking things easy
only because I still have not fully thought about
what I plan to do with my life.
Also, at this stage, I foresee that it will be challenging
to secure a full time job once employers know that I am expecting.

So that explains my current unemployed status.
I do admit that I have not been actively searching for jobs either.

I did have some teaching jobs in mind initially
but most of them require my precious weekends
and weekends = family time
so it's a no go for me.

Being a SAHW can be very mundane at times
but usually that is if you do not have the ability to self motivate yourself
or have hobbies of your own.

SAHW = Is mentally challenging.

I have been filling up my time with grocery shopping and cooking.
Watching cooking videos.
Reading recipes.

Occasionally, I am also the husband's liaison/runner to sort out his errands/personal matters
and also, I have a long list of 'house to-dos' to prep for the arrival of the baby.

I also now have an inkling of how it feels like to be retired
and the importance of having personal hobbies and interests
and also…. MONEY (once you retire). LOL.

I can see my savings account dwindling every month.
Yeap, this is the reality of a 'middle class' SAHW.
From a double income household,
now we are a single income household
and I can definitely feel the pinch.

Shopping ain't the same as it used to be.
In August, I spent about 800 bucks on clothes.
It didn't hit me then when I swiped the card
but when I saw the bill, I felt IT!!!

I told myself that I shouldn't be spending unnecessarily
and I need to constantly remind myself
that my savings account will be stagnant in a long, long time.

Goodbye Santos 100. Goodbye Just un Clou.
Sayonara classic caviar flap bag in cream.

This is the painful reality.
I have no money to save
to buy the things that I want either.

Suddenly, I just realised how expensive most things are.

My Patchi supply was running low
and when I was in BSC, I went to "stock up"
some of my tea time treats.

RM60+ for 200 grams of chocolate?!
It's not like I didn't know that it was expensive then
but I didn't feel it as much then.

SAHW = Austerity drive test.

AND yes, I have always wanted to write about this -
on how many people have this misconception
that ze husband is earning ALOT
because I have the ability to quit my job without a job.

BIG misconception my friends.

My lifestyle has clearly changed. Ahem.

In order to maintain financial harmony in the household,
I have to personally sacrifice my wants
for world peace.

If not, out into the workforce I'll have to go again
and I'm not mentally ready just yet.

Another misconception is that I am "high maintenance"
when the reality is that
I am NOT given the current circumstances
that does not enable me to be who I'd like to be. HOHOHO.

So guys, please stop pitying Mike!

SAHW = Being able to be contented with the simple life.

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