Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Noticed that my blog is just way TOO wordy with the past few posts
so here are some pics to 'spruce up' this dull blog.

A couple of months back, my sis the foodie
suggested to try out this place called Bakar.

I remember that I was actually feeling sick during dinner.

I felt extremely bloated and nauseous
but I tried to put on an OK front
because at that point in time,
I tried to tell myself it was a 'mind over matter' issue -
when that isn't the case at all.

We were seated at the counter because the place was fully booked out.

Grilled watermelon - was pretty refreshing just that I was busy removing the black grilled burnt bits on the watermelon - it was a little bitter.

Grilled oyster - I remember being told that I couldn't eat raw food but since the oysters were grilled, I went ahead.

Parcel clam bake - clams were TINY.

Spring chicken. Not bad but Nandos provides more value for money (although I know that they both cannot be compared). The chicken was pretty small and there wasn't much meat.

Rib eye steak - this was really juicy and tender

Charcoal Pavlova

Baked cookie in a pan - I loved this!
Somehow, sweet stuff was the easiest for me to stomach whenever I was sick.

x  x  x  x  x x x x

I remember going home after this dinner
feeling sick . . . .
(not because of the food)
but because of my pregnancy sickness.

I couldn't look at pics of the food back then 
because it reminded me of my sickness.

Going through pics in my phone,
I have actually been eating alotta 'good food'
in my first trimester
but no matter what I ate -
the outcome/feeling was the same -
I just felt sick. 

I am just so glad that it's over (not completely but 95% gone).

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