Friday, August 7, 2015

August is here!

Now that I am in my second trimester, there are certain things that I've stopped doing and started doing once again.

I have stopped being obsessed over the baby's week by week development. Like, oh this week, the baby can start hearing and it's the size of an avocado. I used to read fetal development articles over and over again.

However, when I look at my tummy, it looks as though there are 5 whole avocados inside (when there's only supposed to be one)….   -_-"

I used to be obsessed about the baby's development since it was the size of a sesame seed. That's because when it is small, you just don't know what's happening inside of you so you get so amazed to read and know that it's growing….but now, that my stomach is expanding…. I don't need my imagination anymore.

My focus has now changed to just living life as it is (while of course, taking care of my health) and let nature run its course.

I realised that there are so many things beyond my control. The more articles I read online, the more my heart feels burdened, unfortunately. While it is good for knowledge purposes, at the end of the day, one can only pray for a healthy and happy baby and a smooth pregnancy because really, there's just a million and one things out there harmful to you and your baby and some things are really beyond you sometimes.

I have stopped being overly conscious over the food that I eat as well.

My gynae told me to not eat pineapples. I remember getting pretty worried because I was drinking a juice mixture that contained pineapple juice (that I didn't know until later). Thereafter, I could not stop reading about the risks of pineapples during pregnancy. LOL.

But now, if there's a Hawaiian pizza in front of me, I'll eat everything - including the pineapple toppings.

I also remember how there was one point in time when I felt guilty eating Bah Kut Teh because some say that there are herbs used that should be avoided. But, for every food that is consumed there are many, many different opinions on whether it is okay to consume it while pregnant - my friend told me she ate BKT almost every week when she was pregnant and everything was fine.

The same goes for sashimi. Wine chicken (alcohol, yes ? no? evaporated after cooking?), etc.

At the end of the day, moderation is my answer to everything.

What have I started doing this trimester? Well, I have started cooking again as well.

Prior to this, I cleared out almost my entire fridge and kitchen by 'donating' all my food stuff to my mother. I remember feeling like  -" This is it. I don't think I'll ever cook again. Sorry Mike. I'll only be cooking twice a year from now on - on your birthday and anniversary."

When I said that, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't cook again. Ever. It was that moment in time when I felt horribly sick and felt that the sickness was there to stay. Oh WHAT a pessimist I am.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Recently, I have started cooking again because I'm going through a "sick of outside food" phase. During this 'phase', whenever I think of 'what to eat', I'll feel like, urgHhhhhH. Sorry, I just don't know how to describe it.

Another motivation for me to cook is that it's my form of exercise. The only time I get my joints working. I've been wanting to exercise (for real) but I realised that it takes too much motivation for me to even put on my socks and sports shoes on.

Anyway, this post is getting way too wordy - so here are some pictures of some food cooked that are mostly shared on my Instagram :-

Our anniversary dinner - carbonara, grilled prawns and pumpkin soup with scallops. 

Mike requested for pasta and prawns but unfortunately, it was hard to get BIG prawns during the Raya week as the fishermen were busy celebrating (according to the worker at Cold Storage).

Fish porridge and fried egg with salted radish

Fish porridge isn't my favourite - can't stand fish bones !!! No matter how hard I tried to remove them, there were still fragments in the porridge and that annoys me.

Cauliflower and potato soup with smoked ham and garlic bread.

Made a carrot soup with dried tomatoes (that Alicia got for me from Rome). The soup tasted like pasta sauce. Never knew that the few pieces of dried tomatoes would totally overpower the carrots.

I was contemplating between cooking oven baked breast meat OR chicken strips for a good half an hour. Figured that the breast meat would be too dry in the oven, I decided to go with frying 'em.

Buttermilk really makes a huge difference in the texture btw. Was my first time soaking it in a 'homemade buttermilk' substitute. The chicken strips were so tender!

Tuna sandwich. I loved the bread the most though. Reminds me of the bread I used to eat in Melbourne. Bought it at Cold Storage.

Ingredients for experimenting.

Beef stew with carrots, potatoes and celery.

Next time, I will need to use my slow cooker to cook this - to break down the meat. Mike said that it was "not bad" but it definitely wasn't good - tough meat and my sauce/broth dried up in the pot *sobs*

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

Anyway, if there's one thing that I have learned during this trimester is that, it hurts to be optimistic sometimes.

I had such high hopes of feeling normal this trimester but I still do have my bad days - feeling gassy and nauseous and tired, but it's not as bad as the first trimester. I was expecting to say Sayonara and good riddance to it but unfortunately, everybody's pregnancy is different.

Counting down ze months- 5 months + to go :)

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