Wednesday, June 17, 2015


So much has changed in the span of a month.

Things that I was looking forward to initially
have now changed.

On Monday, Mike and I went to open a joint bank account
and the lady helping us to fill up the form asked me -
"What is your occupation?"


I am officially unemployed and loving it.

I am just so thankful to have a supportive husband
who has allowed me to take time off
to live life FREE (although it's only temporal - but it's better than nothing).

I know most people in general would feel LOST
especially after having a 9-5 job for the past few years
only to wake up and having literally
NOTHING to think about -
but I just love it.

I love that I can sleep in all day.

I've been enjoying my alone time
even though it's only been ONE day thus far that I've been alone . . .
but I think that I might start becoming reclusive
because it's just so nice to be at home.

And because I've mentally prepared myself for this very day -
the day when I would leave work -
I have managed to overcome
my satiation for shopping (for now)
so I'm pretty lazy to go out because
nothing really interests me.

And I think that I'm starting to become super aunty
and it does worry me if I start becoming
to comfortable in my own skin.

I'm getting lazier to dress up or put make up on.
I actually sound depressed.

JULY please come soon.

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