Friday, May 8, 2015

What we did in Sandakan.

Looked to Trip Advisor for "things to do" in Sandakan.
Was actually keen on taking a boat to Turtle Island but
Mike being Mike, was worried about pirates -_-

So, it was a no no.

I googled for tours and decided on going to the Gomantang Caves to check out the birds nests and Kinabatangan river cruise. It was a full day tour with a lot of time wasted in between. 

After going to the caves, we adjourned for lunch and had to wait 3 hours for the river cruise because the animals would only come out later in the day. 

During the 3-hour wait, we had to listen to our tour guide's delusion of grandeur tales. Something about him being the 7th generation in his family and his great x7 grandfather was of China royalty descent that ran away to KL and to Sandakan after that because he murdered somebody in China.

HMMMMM. Erm okay.

Anyway, pictures :

The cave is SUPER smelly - smells of bird shit but it should have been expected because it's filled with birds.

There are also TONS of roaches. URGH. Lucky none crawled up Mike's pants since he wore short pants. LOL.

Workers climbing on a really high ladder to collect birds nest.

It was a pretty sad sight to see a lot of broken egg shells on the ground and sometimes, there would be baby birds too. I just hope that it wasn't because of the birds nest collection.

Kinabatangan river cruise - before the cruise, I was actually worried and was thinking of WHAT IF a crocodile came and overturned the small boat we were on?

I asked the guide about safety and he said I'll be fine, as long as I don't put my hands out of the boat. WTH. 

The biggest crocodile in this river is said to be as big as our boat.

While we waited for 3 hours . . . .

It rained halfway while we were on the boat and we were soaking wet throughout the cruise.

I was looking forward to seeing the Pygmy elephants but apparently, they went deeper into the jungle that week. Animal sighting is purely dependant on luck.

Our tour guide treated us like little kids . . . 

"So how many animals did we see today? Hornbill. Crocodile. Proboscis monkey. Macaques."

Talking about Macaques . . . I usually see them at Bukit Kiara hill and avoid them like the plague. But here I was in Sandakan, made to look at them for a good 15 minutes while we were on the boat because the Japanese tourist with us seemed so fascinated to watch them.

Perhaps, I have been taking the Macaques for granted. LOL.

We were rushing to get back to our van because the second storm was coming.
We were already drenched one round and wasn't looking forward to the second round.

Just right when we got inside the van, it started pouring like MAD.
Mike got a fever after the tour.

The day after, we went for a 'half day' tour to the Orang Utan sanctuary.

If you're not careful, it might be raining pee on you in the sanctuary.

Feeding time.

I need a new camera ! *HINT HINT*

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