Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's May already?

April totally whizzed by with 3 weddings during the weekends.
So happy for our friends who have found the love of their lives.

2015 is a year filled with weddings to attend :)

Initially, April was going at tortoise pace for me.
But now that it's already May, looking back, April just flew by as well.

Can't wait until June arrives ;)

x  x  x  x  x  x 

I love this year because of the many long weekends.

I have planned a trip in August for one of the long weekends
and I'm looking to plan another trip in October ! Woo hoo.

I am on a kiasu travelling mode because I told myself that I NEED to really enjoy the very precious moments that I have before there is a bun in the oven as advised by many of those who already have a baby.

Travel while you can, they say. I say, YES YES YES! Mike says he doesn't have enough leave. SAD.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

Anyways, during the long lovely weekend in May, I was desperate to find something to look forward to so that April would pass faster for me . . . so I booked a pretty last minute trip to . . .  SANDAKAN!

Most people would show me weird looks when I told them about the destination I chose and they would say the following :

1. Why not KK?
2. Is it safe?
3. Better not go out at night.

I picked Sandakan only because of the price of tickets. 

I checked almost every destination on Air Asia and Sandakan was the "cheapest", which wasn't exactly cheap either because the fares were hiked up during that weekend . . . but I just had to go somewhere. 

And oh, before I chose Sandakan, I told Mike that I wanted to surprise him with a surprise destination…but I forgot that I was using his Air Asia ID and notification went to his email immediately after booking. Super fail.

Anyhow, just for the record, Sandakan isn't as dangerous or scary as people make it sound. . . .
AND Sandakan's seafood is so fresh and good. I'm already missing it!

[EDIT : 15 May 2015 : Looks like Sandakan is dangerous !!!! Just read the news that 2 people were kidnapped at Ocean King ! I'm just glad to be back home.]

Our cholesterol levels must have shot through the roof that weekend. We are on a 'detox' mode now but it totally failed because we had mutton briyani rice the day after we came back -_-"

Ocean King Seafood Restaurant, Sandakan.

Salted egg sotong

Prawn egg noodles. The prawns were so big and so fresh!

Steamed fish

Lobster fried with egg, spring onions and ginger. The lobster was succulent.

Seafood noodles - didn't expect much of it when I was it but when I ate it, I could taste the wok hei. It was very tasty.

Clam soup

Salad prawns

Just so you know, we went to Ocean King twice during our trip.

We actually wanted to go there for our last meal before heading back to KL
but it was closed :(

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