Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bridge No. 7

I was SO determined to eat here after reading about this place on food blogs.
It was pretty near the hotel we stayed at - Four Points by Sheraton.
The pork and century dumplings are a must try! So yummeh.

My uncle told me that I can actually purchase the frozen dumplings from them and bring it back to KL.
Maybe next time :P

I know I cannot stop raving about this prawn noodles but it was a bowl of heaven.

The lady recommended to add the deep fried pork in my noodles. Yummeh.
The prawns were pretty decent in size - not like the puny sized ones in PJ/KL's prawn noodles.
Their fish cake is also very tasty.

Mike ordered the beef noodles  -_-

Sandakan beef? He said that my prawn noodles was better. OF COZ la.
Sandakan is associated with seafood and not beef.

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