Tuesday, March 3, 2015

V-day 2015

I've been bugging the husband to cook for me but he just refuses.
He said that its' 'not his passion'. Geez.

This time around, he gave in to my "demands"
and while I took a long nap in the evening,
he was in the kitchen for a good 3 hours.

I really wonder what exactly did he do within those 3 hours because he took THREE whole hours to prepare . . . . 

Baked tomato and eggs.

It looked as though there was a layer of plastic over the tomato.

I asked him why did he decide on making this and his reason was that there are a lot of eggs in the fridge to be used.

We decided to open or little bottle of wine that we brought back from Bordeaux.

This dish is a totally 'fusion' dish - it jolted my tastebuds because of the 'fusion taste' it brings-
the prawns and broccoli were soaked in ginger wine, garlic and CUMIN! 

One moment it tastes like a Chinese dish and after awhile, it tastes like some Indian cuisine.
Mike should consider joining Masterchef since he's able to come up with creative flavours. Hahaha.

At least one of the eggs was perfectly cooked inside the tomato.

He told me that he'll leave the cooking to me in future and he also said,
"Thank God that you can cook. I can't imagine if you were to enjoy cooking but can't cook. I will suffer." WTH. 

He didn't finish his own pasta. It was SUPER al dente.
To be honest, it was undercooked.

But I ate it all up - out of love. Hahaha.

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