Friday, March 13, 2015

Macau Eats

I have been reading blogs on the top recommended things to eat in Macau but half of the items listed down are things that I have tried before and are pretty ordinary (to me).

Also, my mum reminded me that since we were going to HK, the food in HK is so much better . . . so save the spending for HK instead.

However, when in Macau, if I could only pick one MUST EAT item on my list, it would be the Portugese egg tarts. Second after that, would be the steamed milk (super love!).

Cafe e Nata Margaret's egg tart

Congee at the hotel - I love all the salted condiments - salted cabbage, salted eggs, salted seaweed :P
BEST thing of all - I can help myself as much as I want coz it's a buffet !

Seng Cheong seems to be a pretty popular place recommended by most blogs.

However, the crab congee is just - OK. I personally do not think it's worth going there for the crab congee. I was very thirsty after this meal - MSG? Hmmm.

This was also another recommended item - I think they were sotong balls. This was a decent snack but as you can see, the portion is HUGE. I'm so glad that during this trip, there were 3 of us so we could order 'more dishes'. 

Would have been difficult if Mike and I were to travel alone.

I do think it's worth it to head to Seng Cheong for the steamed eel with black bean sauce though. This is a way better dish to try out compared to the crab congee.

Also, when in Macau, one should at least dine in one of the Portuguese restaurants there.

We dined at Antonio Restaurant and I just realised that it was given a one Michelin star in 2012 but I checked the latest list and this restaurant is no longer listed there - and I can understand why. 

The food isn't Michelin star quality at all. 

It has the Michelin price for sure but . . . I can totally resonate with the bad reviews on Trip Advisor. Why did I even pick this restaurant in the beginning? Because I was lured by the 'good' reviews. LIESSSSS !!! (OK, it's wrong to say that it's a lie….because others could have had a decent experience).

Suckling pig - decent but very, VERY oily. The waitress described on how this pig was marinated with all kinds of spices but I couldn't even taste the marinade - it just tasted like oil. 

EL Cerdo in KL is 10 times better.

Wet seafood rice that was a little too salty.

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