Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chap Goh Mei in Macau

Sometimes, I can't believe how the first quarter of 2015 is coming to an end.
What have I done in the first quarter? I can't even remember.

All I know was that CNY came and went.
Since Christmas and New Year, the next thing to look forward to was CNY holidays.
And now, what is there to look forward to next?

March 26th :)

Looking forward the exciting plans that I have for myself (self discovery plans).

Anyhow, I just got back from my Macau + HK trip
with the husband and mother.

Most people who asked me who I travelled with would remark on what a weird travelling combination it is. LOL. Can't help it if my dad has his standard reply when invited to travel, which is usually either one of the replies amongst the following :

1. Save money.
2. What is there to do?
3. I don't like flying.

In my opinion, it is only 'weird' if you are uncomfortable with that person and also, it WOULD be weird if it were a 'honeymoon' . . .  but it is NOT a honeymoon (Macau + HK isn't my ideal kind of honeymoon)… plus, everybody's all 'good' with one another so all is well. LOL.

We went to Macau for the husband's sake because believe it or not, he has not been to Macau and HK before! To me, it's as shocking as someone telling me that they have not been to Bangkok before.

The weather in Macau was nice and cooling. Had some yummy Chinese food for dinner on our first day there. Lots of CNY deco and lanterns were still up because it was still CNY.

However, I will not step foot into Macau in a long, long time because there's nothing much to see. Once is already enough and this was my third time there  =_=

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