Monday, February 23, 2015

Revisiting the Old Quarter.

I love 2015 and the multiple long weekends throughout the year. 

I just wanted to 'get away' from KL and we decided on Hanoi
because we love the weather there in January (cool air)
we love beef noodles
and this time around, I had a specific purpose -
to get a few paintings for our home :)

The last time I went to Hanoi was in 2011. CLICK.
And when I read my old post, I called Mike to have a look
at the JACKET that he was wearing. . . . 

He wears that same ol jacket literally EVERYWHERE !
Genting, Hanoi, Melbourne, Europe, UK zzzzzzz
That's a very well travelled jacket.
He told me that he wore it while he was still studying in the States -_-

I am banning him from bringing his jacket to our next trip
because it's always the same jacket in all pics - SIEN!

Since we did all the touristy things to do in 2011, and although I did want to RE-DO it again, Mike didn't want to… so basically, apart from painting hunting, we just did what we do best - hunting and eating.

The best bowl of beef noodles throughout our trip. So good.

The first item we ate right after checking into the hotel. This place was recommended by the hotel staff. He said that this shop was run by 3 generations.

Cha ca la vong - Expensive is the word and also, artery clogging because it's full of oil. I ate here previously many years back and it was super packed then. This time around, it wasn't as packed as before.

This trip is actually my third trip to Hanoi.

Bun Cha  - we should have ordered for ONE because the portion for TWO was just way too much.
The crab spring rolls were just so-so for me.

Beef noodles at some restaurant recommended on a blog - can't remember the name offhand now.

Bun Bo Nam Bo - Mike said that is tasted better than what he could recall. It tasted exactly the same to me.

Popped by a cafe for some waffles. Great presentation and all but the waffle was just alright.

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Mike said...

I'm an expert in old quarter's road now.