Thursday, January 29, 2015

First post in 2015

Been wanting to write but my addiction has been getting the better of me. What addiction you may ask?      If you don't know, it just means that you do not know me well enough :)

So if you have been wondering what have I been up to - well, my Instagram pics shows it all. Food food food. Posting some older photos :

Carbonara - love cooking pastas because it's so easy to clean up after that (compared to cooking Chinese dishes)

Baked Chicken with black pepper + wine sauce and red peppers

Noodles - I love cooking + eating noodles

Yee mee

Grilled prawns + aglio olio pasta

Big breakfast

Mee suah

Lamb cutlets with mashed potatoes and baby carrots

x  x  x  x  x  x  x

I have been cooking and many have been in 'awe' at how I manage to do it after work. How do I find the time? Where do I get my inspiration from? How do I think of what to cook for the day?

Well, at first I was just like them - I would admire THOSE who could find it in them to go back and prepare a meal for two.

Because at one point in time, I was just so drained after the wedding because I could hardly find time for myself and cooking would be shelved somewhere at the back of my mind. Until, I realised that it was really a 'mind after matter' thing.

I told myself that work will never change and I had to overcome my personal 'challenges' mentally. Furthermore, if I don't do it now - will I ever then bother in the future?

Although cooking can be physically tiring, it's actually harder to push yourself mentally to do it initially but once you get the hang of it, it actually becomes so much easier. I 'trained' myself to prepare food systematically and to minimise the mess so it started becoming more and more effortless by the day.

The first few times I cooked, I would go to bed that night with body aches (no joke). Especially after frying fried rice or noodles. It's damn tiring on the hands and arms (or maybe it's just because I lack exercise).

Also, I didn't want Mike to nag at me for spending so much on cutlery, knives, etc. If I didn't cook, Mike would probably put a halt to my household wish list and would tell the world on how I've been spending on items that I don't use. Hahaha.

And oh, another 'secret' to how I manage to cook is that Mike does the dishes after that. He always proclaims how lucky am I to have a husband like him. VICE VERSA. He's lucky to have me cooking for him.

And not forgetting, I am so blessed to have a mother who helps me to do marketing. WHAT would I do without her? Plus, when I collect my frozen food from her, it's all cleaned and packed nicely.

I've been baking too since my oven was installed. I love my oven.

Carrot cake

Egg tarts

Baked cheesecake

Chocolate chip muffins

Hawflakes layer cake

Good ol' butter cake

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