Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What we did.

Apart from attending a cooking class, cycling around the resort and posing by the pool (both private and public pool), that's pretty much the only activities we did at the resort.

We swam only once because the water was FREEZING cold - the wind that was blowing was so chilly ! And if you know Mike, he's a walking oxymoron. He hates hot weather and loves the cold but he can't take cold water at all. 

Hence this is why I loveeee to "shock"/annoy him by taking a cold canned drink and put it on his neck while he is unaware. MWAHAHA. Or whenever he refuses to get up from bed, I will sprinkle water on his face (which he absolutely hates). Love annoying him. 

This, my friends is #lifeaftermarriage with me :P

Anyway, back to our honeymoon . . . .

even though part of our package provides free non motorised watersports such as kayaking, Mike wasn't keen because the sea water was so cold.

Plus, the flight of stairs leading from the resort to the beach would leave us out of breath, when walking up -_-"

That pretty much shows how "fit" the both of us are.

Cooked by the both of us :)

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