Sunday, December 7, 2014

What we ate.

I'm sure that most of you would have known that this post was coming :)
FOOD pics!

Based on our hotel package, we were given FREE FLOW of juices and smoothies (throughout the day), a free tea time set for 2 and also 'free' daily breakfast.  Actually, nothing comes free (it's all part of the package).

I couldn't keep count on how many Samabe milkshakes I drank - it was so yummy. I MISS IT!

Tea time!

You can even opt to have the tea time set delivered to your room (perfect for lazy bums).

There are a few restaurants to dine at Samabe, and we dined at Crystal Blue for lunch and dinner.

The first few days, we didn't think of going out of the resort to eat because we were already paying so much hence we decided to just try out the food there. . . .but after feeling disappointed, we started making arrangements to eat out after that.

Some of the food was okay, like the wagyu burger, but the others were way below expectation.

Whenever Mike sees SUP TULANG on the menu, 100% of the time, he will order it.

Wagyu beef burger

Black angus cooked on a note stone - the texture of the beef was just weird.

Mike had Asian food as usual - seafood nasi goreng. It couldn't quite make the cut. The rice was a lil mushy and the seafood didn't taste too fresh.

Breakfast time is ze best.

Although the buffet spread wasn't very comprehensive, you can order UNLIMITED ala carte menu orders and their ala carte menu is pretty good.

Samabe milkshake :)

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