Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our honeymoon

We decided on Bali because it was the easiest out of the country trip for us to plan :)

Also, since we really enjoyed ourselves in Bali during our last trip there in 2011 and since we didn't cover Nusa Dua area the last round, we decided to stay at Samabe Villa.

The hotel may have stretched our budget a little bit but what's a honeymoon without a little self pampering? ;)

The honeymoon is really a time to rest and unwind and to spend quality time with your spouse right before 'reality starts to sink in'. 

Our 'Just Married' faces. 

We went for our honeymoon 2 days after our wedding @ Aloft.

I remember some 'drama' happened at the hotel when we were packing to leave to the airport.
I couldn't find my wedding ring and Mike was silently fuming.

I called the hotel to help me to find my ring because we couldn't wait any longer
as we had a flight to catch (and we nearly missed our flight because KLIA 2 is massive).

The luggage check in counter was closed and we ran all the way to the terminal (while I was praying that they wouldn't make me throw away my liquid items) - of which thankfully they didn't notice or perhaps, they may have closed one eye.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Long story cut short, it was a tense trip all the way from the hotel to the airport
with Mike giving me the cold shoulder. 

And prior to that was his endless nagging out how I needed to be "more organised" because '...this was bound to happen with me leaving my stuff all around etc'. 

I thought that this was IT. MY honeymoon was going to be tainted with feelings of sadness and anger of losing the ring….

…..but when I unpacked my bag at the villa, there it lay - MY PRECIOUSSSSSS (ala Golem Gollum). BWAHAHA.

All was good at the end of the day. 
The end.

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