Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tea Ceremony

One of life's silly dilemmas as a Chinese bride is whether to change into a different set of clothes for the tea ceremony at the groom's home.

There are many differing views on this with most preferring not to change because of the trouble of having to undress and dress up again given the limited time that you have for the tea ceremony - your goal would be to finish it quick so that you can head over to the hotel to 'rest' because there is a long night ahead of you - with the wedding reception at night.

I chose to change from my gown into a cheongsam, only because I wanted my pictures to have more variety :) 

With that being said, if my gown were really expensive, I would wear it throughout the day to maximise its value. LOL. However, since I managed to get mine at a decent price  . . . it was justified *dum dee dum*

There were SO many people at Mike's house. So many cups of tea to serve with so many different people to address. Such is the Chinese tea ceremony.

Never did I know that there were just so many seemingly trivial things to think about for the tea ceremony such as listed down the names of whom to serve tea and also in what order and also to ensure that there are enough of tea cup/cups to go around (unless you have someone who will be running in and out of the kitchen to wash the cups).

Thank God for my mum for helping me to look out for all the small little details that I wouldn't even have thought about. 

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