Saturday, November 8, 2014


The moment I stepped foot into Hamasho,
I felt transported back to Tokyo.

Reminded me of the moments
my siblings and I were dining
at an Izakaya and nobody there could speak in English
so we pointed randomly at the menu
and were served with a myriad of BBQ meat on a stick -
it was mostly innards -_-

Hamasho was filled with Japanese diners.

The wooden wall panels with 
the menu written in Japanese on the wall
and the simple wooden stools and tables
couldn't be any more authentic.

The food was good. Limited choices though.
And it wasn't very wallet friendly either.

But, nonetheless, it was good -
something different.

The scallop was pricey but we understood why when it was served - it was massive!

Went there to celebrate WY's birthday :)

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