Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celebrities for a Night

The months leading to this very day
was filled with a lot of self restriction and discipline -
I needed to shed off some weight (which I did)
but the only problem was that about three weeks before the BIG day,
I kind of put it on again -_-"

The tailor had to alter my evening gown to make it a little more bigger -
seriously, one of the worst nightmares
is to not be able to fit into your gown !!!

Then there were the once a fortnight facials as well.
If it wasn't sponsored, I don't think I'll even think of it.

And speaking of which, I still have a few more sessions to go for
that I keep forgetting. Zzzz.

My mother is like my dietician, beautician, stylist, etc.
So thankful to have a mum like her
and I wouldn't know what I'd do without her.

x  x  x   x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x

Anyway, because I the husband paid so much for videography,
I wanted there to be memorable moments recorded 
and memories made so I ermmmm….
requested for the 'wedding entourage' - bridesmaids and groomsmen
to participate in the first 'walk in' 'DANCE'.

Everytime I think of the dance, I can't stop chuckling to myself
because I know how stressed out my friends were
during the practice session
and not forgetting Mike who was SO against it (initially)
because he doesn't like dancing.

Mike and I had a lot of disagreements about whether to walk in or dance in and also, the song selection . . . . all his 80s rock music recommendations *brrrrr*

Thank goodness for Fang leading the way with his 'grooves' TEE HEE
and for coordinating the whole walk in - GREAT JOB !!!!
and to all the  other sporting peeps who gave me to my *cough* demands *cough* - 


I picked the song - Happy by Pharell Williams (probably the most overplayed song in 2014).

At least now whenever I listen to it, I am reminded of our wedding. Hahahaha.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

Changed into my evening gown for the second walk in . . . 

there are a lot of stories behind my evening gown
but I'm too lazy to write about it now
but whatever it is, I just LOVE the design - the off sleeves because . . . . .
it's great in hiding FAT ARMS!

Had this fat arm problem for years….

Our handsome emcee of the night - Ezra Low - who did a wonderful job. 
My dad couldn't stop complimenting him.

And oh, for those of you who didn't know how I met my husband . . . . 
it was on a dark and stormy night . . . . 
(to be continued)…..

Ok gtg now

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