Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wood Fired Steak, Libourne

We were driving around Libourne searching for places to eat.

Got down from our cars in between searching for dinner,
walked around a little
whilst enjoying the view of the river.

Can't remember if we crossed the road from the river or drove around after walking around (my memory's a little fuzzy)…. but we stumbled upon this gem of a restaurant called 'Restaurant Hotel'. CLICK.

No offense to the restaurant's name but the first impression I had was that it must be some sort of tourist trap restaurant and I wouldn't have even thought of entering.

However, Louis asked a diner who just left the restaurant on how was the food and apparently, the diner mentioned that they serve the BEST wood fire steak in town.

I didn't understand what the diner was saying but his expression had said it all.

Oh what a beauty! Wood Fired Steak.

Cote de boeuf grillee sur ceps de vigne - taking picture of the menu comes in handy :P

I can Google translate the menu at home.

Medium rare and oh so good!
Loved the smokey and woody taste.

Can't remember the other orders - since I ermmm…was just snapping pictures of people's food.

Anyway, for all of you meat/steak lovers - this place is FOR YOU!

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