Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Union

It amazes me to think of how Mike and I managed to get to this stage.
It definitely wasn't easy - at least not for me (I know that I've repeated myself time and time again but this is the truth). 

Before I attended the marriage preparation course, I did think of getting married in church (it would have been ideal for me but it wasn't necessary) or at least that's what I thought of then.

It was until I discovered how ignorant I was on how deep and meaningful this union really was. It was not just a union between my husband and I but it's the covenant that we have entered with God as husband and wife.

And so, I wanted to do things the "right way"
(I know that this is subjective to many).

I wanted the church to be involved and this is how our journey started -

At first, it was realising that going to church on Sunday wasn't enough.
There were so many processes and procedures to go through
and there were times, many times that I wanted to back out
because it really would have been so much more convenient
to not have to go through all of this.

But now in hindsight, I am so glad that we persevered
and I know that God's hand was definitely in it - 
especially during moments when I felt like giving up.

I would be reminded of why I am doing it -
and how there are so many others who have also
sacrificed their time to help us make it happen.

How could I have been so selfish to think of my own convenience
when it was actually very beneficial for us?

I've learnt so much about God's word on marriage
and also understanding why is it as such.

We've made so many new friends over the past year through church
and they have been a great blessing in our lives.

Seeing how they graciously offered their help
without us having to ask first
made me reflect on myself as an individual.
I could really see God's love through them.

They even planned a surprise stag + hen's night for us!

It was awkward initially, having to assimilate ourselves in a cell group
where we didn't know anyone at all -
I can't imagine how our lives would have crossed had we not joined a cell.

And the funny thing us, I have always wanted to join a cell and to be more involved prior to it being mandatory for us to join a cell as part of the marriage procedure.

Perhaps, if joining a cell wasn't mandatory, with my bad procrastination and with Mike's complacency, I'm not sure if we would ever join one. I can just imagine ourselves joining one and dropping out in a few weeks.

I can only thank God that he placed us in this cell full of wonderful people :)

Just a tip for those of you who can relate to this whole experience of wanting to get married in church but are frustrated with the processes, just pray about it and He will make the process much more bearable.


First kiss as husband and wife

Cell mates :)

Pastor Chandran and Sherman and family (our pre marital counsellors)

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

My pretty bridesmaids


Pictures were taken by John Poh

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