Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Saint-Emilion - ze wine region

Sometimes, I regret taking more pictures of food than people because pictures reinforces my memory and all I can remember is what I ate, while the surroundings (atmosphere, ambience and people) are pretty fuzzy in my memory.

Not that I can't remember who did I go with, but I like capturing the candid expressions of people and looking back at those pics while reminiscing those happy moments.

I think that at least 50% of my travelling pictures all revolve around food.

So this post, for a change, will have no pictures of food (canned foie gras and an ice cream stall does not count).

The drive from the chateau to Saint Emilion was really scenic.

Food always tastes better overseas. Sampled some foie gras and bought a few cans home but somehow, with the Malaysian weather and ambience at home, eating foie gras at home with crackers just doesn't taste as good.

I need to eat it in France! Hee hee.

A super fun bunch to travel with :)
Had heaps of fun and endless laughter moments with these peeps throughout our trip.

Saint-Emilion is popular for its wine and also for its charming medieval villages.
Wonder what it is like to live here.

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