Sunday, October 12, 2014

Le Medieval, Saint Emilion

Lunch @ Le Medieval was extremely memorable for me
because I discovered - Magret de Canard thanks to Louis' recommendation.

Travelling with a French dude in France sure makes life way a lot easier.

Louis and Yashoda helped us to translate menus
provide food recommendations
and in between, gave us French classes for dummies. Hehe.

I didn't even get to try Mike's main meal because he finished everything without offering. TSK TSK.

The Magret de Canard (duck breast) that I had was SO good. Served with foie gras sauce.
It doesn't even taste like duck at all (to me at least) - it tasted like a piece of steak.
A good piece of steak. Juicy and extremely tasty.

I tried googling to see where I could buy Magret de Canard from in KL and I can't find it anywhere :~(

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