Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bec's Bordeaux Wedding

CLICK to read about Bec + Fang's wedding and to see beautiful pictures of the Wedding of the Year!

The Fangs have really raised the bar for destination weddings….
and to think that it was my first destination wedding experience!

Everything was just so pretty, so colour coordinated, and beautiful.
It was a wedding that most can only dream of.


I remember that I was googling on jackets/coats to wear over my bridesmaid dress because I didn't have any appropriate jackets to wear.

Luckily I managed to find this white Zara jacket in Barcelona to keep me a little less cold on that day.

Love the array and colour scheme of flowers used.

This was how the night ended.

It was so fun, but it would have been better without the embarrassing and unflattering photos . . . ZZZzzzzz. Hahaha.


rebecca_t said...

hahaha I think you left out one very important picture vic.. hahahaha

mizzvickz said...

…..all thanks to Kevin's stick………..