Friday, September 19, 2014


I have this travelling itch crawling through my skin
but yet, everyday I'm just too tired to hunt for value for money airfares.

When I get home, sometimes, all I want to do is to take a shower and just head to bed and countdown until the weekend comes. 

I am thankful for everything but yet, a part of me is discontented at the same time. 
Thankful and discontented - an oxymoron feeling.

At this current 'phase' I'm in, if I were to describe my days, it would be a bucketful of fatigue + constant questioning about what am I doing? + what am I doing about it? + questions and more questions + soliloquies in my head.

And maybe, the easiest way for me to get past this is to just book a flight (or two) so that instead of harping on the whole routine of 'work life', I'll have something to look forward to - a splendid getaway with the husband, family and friends. 

Yeap, that's what I totally need. I KNOW IT!

And there comes that voice of reason - $, you think you print money ah, what about the house reno, this is why you can't keep a pet, etc.

But but but I can't turn back the clock on my youth and I should travel while I am still all alive and kicking and while I am in my 'prime years' - in two years time *brrrr*, I'll be hitting THREE 0 NO! 

I have made up my mind - travel I shall :)

In the meantime, some pictures that I took out and about in Paris :

Mike looks superimposed in this pic. LOL.

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