Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello. I'm back here. I know that it's been awhile - from posting 30 posts a month to 20 to 10 to 5 to . . .   the sound of crickets chirping. 

I'll try to mow off the 'imaginary weeds' growing on my blog by posting more often since I'm starting to fall back into my 'old' routine at my new place.

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Richer, that's the name of the restaurant that we tried out through Melly's recommendation while we were in Paris earlier this year. It's located on 2 Rue Richer :)

After a series of eating at a few letdown 'Tripadvisor' recommended restaurants, eating here was like my meal redemption moment during our Paris trip. 

Service was so good and so was the food at Richer.

The weather during our trip to Paris wasn't too good with bouts of drizzling throughout the day.

We arrived at the restaurant rather early but they allowed us to sit inside, which to me is good service in Paris. We had a bad experience at another restaurant where we had to stand outside for '10' minutes because we arrived 10 minutes early and had to wait in the cold outside!

Asperges blanches, mayonnaise, noisettes et fera fumée

We couldn't read the menu in French and the waiter was so kind to translate it for us.

Creme de champignons, sot l'y laisse confit, chips de polenta et pourpier

Pigeon roti, cuisse confit, royal d' artichauts au foin et kalamata

Gigot d' agneau roti, ail des ours, carottes au pain d'epices et salsifis

Ganache chocolaté au lait, sorbet pomme et noisettes caramelisees

Comme un macaron, fraises / estragon, caramel beurre sale et glace vanille

I would highly recommend Richer!
The food is so so good and price wise, it's 'value for money' during lunch time ;)

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