Monday, September 29, 2014

Memorable Moments in Barcelona

The weather was absolutely purrrr-fect while we were at Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia was absolutely jaw dropping.
I could just stare at the carvings and sculptures for hours.
Pictures can never do justice. You have to see it for yourself.

However, too much of Gaudi in a day can be overwhelming too.
After checking out La Pedrera, I suggested to Mike to go to Park Guell the next day and he said that he had enough of Gaudi.

Coincidentally, while we were there, it was also Catalan's Valentines Day on April 23rd.
On that day itself, we took our pre wedding pictures in Barcelona.

During their Valentines Day, it is a tradition to give a book or a rose to their loved ones
and the streets were lined with book stalls on that day.

I also got lost at Las Ramblas without having anything with me - I passed my stuff (wallet and phone) for Mike to keep in his bag pack because I was afraid of pickpockets. I was walking in front of Mike and I turned around to him and gestured him to turn right by pointing to the right.

In that split second when I had turned right and looked back to find him, he was GONE! -_-

Apparently, he didn't NOTICE me asking him to turn right so he kept walking straight.

It was one helluva scary moment for me - with the language barrier plus my bad sense of direction, I didn't know what to do. Was looking all over for a tourist information centre BUT the ones near me were temporarily closed due to renovation.

All I could do at that point in time was to PRAY! That feeling of helplessness and also being all alone in a foreign country is scary.

I stayed at the same spot where I last saw Mike for a good 15 minutes but Mike never came.

So I started walking up and down the street, searching for him for about 45 minutes only to see him walking OH SO CALMLY towards my direction with his backpack and shades. 

I was actually mad that he looked so calm.

Long story cut short, I learnt my lesson - to keep my own stuff at all times. Risk management. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Also, in times when the situation turns desperate and when you feel that nobody is able to help you and your situation, just call out to God because He is always there.

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