Friday, September 26, 2014

Can Cargol, Barcelona

I would highly recommend this restaurant for those of you headed to Barcelona.

It's called Can Cargol and this restaurant was recommended by one of the guys running the B&B we stayed at. This restaurant is popular for snails. 

However, don't go there expecting your typical Escargots stuffed in a shell with garlic butter because the snails here look like garden snails - you can even see the feelers!

However, the downside of this restaurant is that the menu is in Spanish here and the staff can't really speak much English although one of them did try to help to translate bits and pieces of the menu.

I really can't remember how did we end up ordering what we did but I'm glad that our orders all tasted decent.

Mike & I weren't used to eating late dinners when we were in Barcelona though as most restaurants open from 9 p.m. onwards. We waited outside until the restaurant opened and were the first diners there for the night.

Pickles and olives

We didn't know how to eat this so we cut the tomato into slices, placed it on top of our toasted bread and ate it like a sandwich.

I read a blog and apparently, you are supposed to take the garlic cloves (that is also served together in the basket) and rub it on the bread. Thereafter, you are supposed to cut the tomato into half and rub it on the bread (with the juices seeping into the bread). Add some olive oil and sprinkle salt and it's good to go.

Cod in a creamy sauce - tasty stuff but you can't eat too much of it (jelak).

We had a bottle of wine almost every other day because wine in Europe is relatively cheap and more importantly,  good!

Garlic snails

This was my most favourite meal at Can cargo.

Potatoes, eggs and chorizo - the eggs were perfect! So fluffy and so so good.

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