Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bordeaux - to Château Lagorce we went

Took a train ride from Paris to Bordeaux.

We rented a car to head to Chateau Lagorce (that was formerly a castle)
to attend the Wedding of the Year :)

Talk about a FAIRY TALE wedding.
Who gets married in a castle? 

Fang is known for being a market spoiler . . . .
so guys, please buck up on your efforts so that you don't look bad. TEE HEE.
Joking :)

I wanted Mike to rent the cheapest car available but he had something else on mind.
He was thinking of the cheapest convertible he could get - the Fiat 500.

It was a pretty cute car but the boot is way too small to fit out luggage so we had to put it at the back seat.

When we reached the chateau, we couldn't stop going WOW, OOOH and AHHHH.

All I can say is that I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go all the way to Bordeaux to witness such a beautiful wedding.

Some pics of the lovely chateau :

Just a couple of pics of dinner prepared by Bec's family :

We were wondering whether this was chicken or turkey wings because it's gigantic!

The night before the wedding :

A mini Sri Aman girls reunion in Bordeaux

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