Friday, September 19, 2014

Bistrot Victoires

We didn't really plan much for our Paris eats because we budgeted a fair bit for our London eats already and didn't want to push our budget to a point of having to eat bread and water for a month after our holiday. 

We didn't know what to have for our meals almost every other day while we were in Paris and relied on Tripadvisor as our guide. 

After reading rave reviews on Bistrot Victoires - value for money, BEST dinner in Paris, delicious, yadi yada etc, we decided to give it a go only to have unanswered questions after eating . . . . 

A slab of salmon on some greens. Nothing great.

A VERY SALTY duck confit. Urgh.

Rubber and Chips

Given that there were so many 'good reviews', you would think that the masses couldn't go wrong. So after this meal, I was just wondering whether there was something wrong with my taste buds.

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Mike said...

u wrote about this crap? I rather eat plain chapati. don't waste your time pls.