Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona

Can't believe that I forgot to post pics of my Barcelona trip.

I actually went to Barcelona before heading to Paris
but somehow my pics are all jumbled up in my Mac
hence the unsystematic posting.

In Barcelona, we I opted to stay at a Bed & Breakfast instead of a hotel.
We stayed at a B&B called Barcelona BB.
Picked this place because of the good reviews.

I was just hoping to rekindle the 'nice and comfortable' B&B experience that I had when travelling in Florence with my mum and bro. To have breakfast readily served while you're up and awake. Bliss.

I love the homely feeling while being abroad (provided that the home is nice). At least I'm honest :o)

Stayed at the Chimney room because I wanted my own bathroom.

Nice spacious bathroom . . . but the only problem is that, we didn't know how to get hot water in the shower -_-

View from the apartment. Lots of road/piping works going on.

The dining area

Our breakfast for 3 consecutive days - it was simple but good.

There was this potato dish they served every morning which I really enjoyed.
There's also salami, bread, cornflakes, orange juice, etc.

At the rate that I'm posting, I can only hope that I can finish posting about my Europe trip within the next few weeks. . . .because before I know it, it's time for a Christmas / NYE/ New Year post. LOL.

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