Saturday, August 23, 2014

Time after time.

This post is totally unrelated to the pics above but, I hate how time is flying so fast.

And it makes me sad whenever I reflect on the week
and realise how I rarely have time for myself these days.

Even 'blogging' is a luxury because it means that I have the energy
and have some time to squeeze in a post.

Maybe I need another holiday. SIGH.
But at the same time, there's just a lot to spend on the house.
And I can't decide on what I really want if I had to pick one
because I want both.

I want it alllllll.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pictures of the Past.

Whenever I look at my pre-wedding pics, I will feel OLD.

It sure feels as though I have been married for ages
although it has only been a month!

And I have not even gotten my wedding pictures yet (and I kind of forgot about it already) -_-

Many have asked me how has married life been treating me?
For the fact that I am feeling old… it sure does says something.

I started my married life on an extremely real note.

It wasn't Do Re Mi.
Or La La La either.

It was like starting on an F sharp scale.

I knew what I was in for but yet, you can never fully prepare yourself for it
until you're IN IT.

And to think that if I didn't go for the marriage counselling sessions beforehand. . . . 
I wouldn't know how to cope with life after marriage.
I know I sound so dramatic BUT it's a drastic change for me.

End of the day, what do the fancy pre wedding pictures and lavish (subjective) wedding reception really mean?

For me, it was just an experience.
A rite of passage that I am blessed to have been able to experience.

And to have some pictures to have to look back upon to remember the joyous affair
and to look back at it and go - "…. this is how we used to look like back then."

What matters most to me now is
making the most out of this short life.

Discovering myself, discovering us and discovering this beautiful union.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. - Mark 10:9