Monday, May 5, 2014

You know . . .

. . . that you've been away for slightly (just slightly) longer than your average holiday when you -

1) Have been opening the wrong drawers in your room to find your clothes
2) Forgetting my laptop password, email passwords - you name it
3) Losing track of time - is it breakfast/lunch/dinner? Oh What day is it today?
4) Wonder whether your driving skills have deteriorated after not driving for weeks.

HAS it been THAT long?

Can't wait to start sitting down, browsing through photos, slicing and dicing the contents of our trip - where did we start, what did we do, why didn't we do this, oh we should have done this but it's just too late!

I am trying to be as calm and collected as possible during this month of May but I know that I'm struggling big time. May this week be kind, SUPER kind to me.

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