Sunday, May 11, 2014

The reason.

If it weren't for Bec's wedding, I wouldn't have gone on this trip.

And if I didn't go for this trip, I would have missed out on a whole load of fun - I had a great holiday (at a great expense - monetary wise) but what was more memorable than the holiday, was the Wedding of the Year that I attended :)

Mike can't stop telling his story of me on the dance floor -_-
AND to top it off, he keeps showing friends my stupid dancing video. What a wonderful fiance.

Anyhow, I am so pleased that Mike & I managed to experience such a beautiful wedding of a dear friend (which makes it even more memorable) all the way in Bordeaux.

After this trip, I am so keen on planning a group trip/holiday in 2015. It made me realize how much I miss travelling with friends.

x  x  x  x  x  x

We started off in London and ended in London.

Our first meal when we reached London was @ Gold Mine with Bec & Fang  ("the Fangs").

Before this, Bec was helping to make dinner arrangements so I asked Mike what did he want to eat - Roast duck or steak or fish and chips? 

He immediately said Roast Duck.

What the Chinaman wants, the Chinaman gets (but not all the time though...)

For our last dinner in London, we had dinner with the Fangs again.

And guess what did Mike want to eat again?
No prizes for guessing . . . .  

Day and night he keeps asking for soup, fruit juice and Asian food.

Dinner @ Pearl Liang

The Peking duck here is not bad.

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