Monday, May 19, 2014

Ledbury = Love

Ledbury is one of the highlights of my trip to London.

The pictures will do the talking.

Okay, but before they start talking -
let's just say that I would highly recommend this place if
anybody asked me for fine dining suggestions in London
(which btw, is the ONLY fine dining experience I had in London). LOL.

Yeap, that's bacon my friends :)
Tasted like a mini bacon pau.

Forgot what was this but it was yummy too.

Same comment as the above pic.

This was a pork cutlet, if I can recall which was so good.

Ceviche of hand dived scallops with kohirabi, seaweed oil and horseradish.

A crisp quail's egg with peas, girolles and spring truffle

Scottish Langoustine with asparagus, shiitake and smoked dulse

Roast Sea Bass with brassicas, chopped oysters and sake

I can't express in words how much I loved everything about this except for - 
love love LOVEEEE.

Herdwick lamb with salt baked turnips, padron peppers and wild garlic

Passion fruit souffle with Sauternes Ice Cream

Whipped chocolate caramel with jasmine tea and citrus

Complimentary goodies


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