Sunday, March 9, 2014

Theme Dream

Initially, in the earlier stages of my wedding planning,
the GREEN theme kept popping into my head.

The more pictures I saw,
the more I would fall in love with the shades of green
(although I must admit, that green isn't one of my favourite colours).

I have two themes to think of - one for my solemnisation
(which is a week before the wedding dinner)
and one for the wedding dinner itself.

The pros about having two separate celebrations is that
I can have two different themes
(as of now, I'm already torn in between so many).
Pinterest is to be blamed. 

The downside to having two occasions is that
it comes together with more headache in coordination and planning
and well, there's more costs involved too.

But at the final minute, I changed my mind about the green theme
because I have so many other factors to consider.
I wanted to match my theme to the colour of my bridesmaid dresses.

I should have set the theme first then decided on the colour of the dresses
BUT oh well, too late for that now. Green is out of the question.

One of my bridesmaids have remarked that the dresses I bought remind her of Paddle Pop . LOL.
In case you were thinking, no, it's not gonna be a Paddle Pop/ Rainbow theme although I erm...did toy about that idea as well.

I even thought of a My Little Pony wedding theme but my sister's reaction to it wasn't very encouraging :P

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