Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ramen and Rice

Ever since I shifted office, my lunch places have been confined to KL Sentral, Brickfields or a 1km walking radius from Masjid Jamek or KLCC station.

Before that, my colleagues and I used to be so semangat to drive all around to try out different places while we were still based in Damansara Heights. Those good ol' days are gone *sniffles*

We are too lazy to take our car which is like a 10-minute walk from our office zzzz.

Anyway, on Friday night, we went to Bankara Ramen @ Avenue K after work for dinner.
Wanted to skip the jam on a Friday night so we took the LRT to have dinner there.

Buta Kakuni Don - I enjoyed this more than my ramen.
Pork, egg and rice with lots of sesame seeds.

I  used to really like the Bankara ramen and I was defensive over it when Jon mentioned that it was oily.

"Oily? Nooo. It was fine when I had it. Maybe that day, it was just bad."

But this time, I took a closer inspection as I remembered what Jon said and I noticed the layer of artery clogging oil.

As I scooped up each spoonful of soup to further inspect it,
it was then that I noticed pork fat being broken down into little bits and pieces
and I was like OH MY. I didn't realize what I was drinking.

I told Mike, "Don't drink the soup" while I proceeded to take . . .
one spoonful,
two spoonfuls of soup
. . . when Mike noticed it and said, "You just told me NOT to drink the soup."

I was just pulling a Mike.

He always STOPS me from drinking MSG laden soup
but then, his bowl will be almost empty.
"I care for you", that's what he says. PFFFT.
I say - "Learn to care for yourself, before you care for others."

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